SUPERNATURAL - The Lost Freestyle Files

25,00 zł

01. Internationally Known

02. Work It Out (featuring Chali 2NA/Akil/Mark 7/Iriscience) 

03. Victory (featuring Wildchild) 

04. Piece Of Hip Hop History, A Pt. 1 

05. Piece Of Hip Hop History, A Pt 2 

06. Wake Up LA! (featuring Naptron) 

07. Clash Of The Titans (freestyle battle vs. Craig G) 

08. Get Ready To Rumble (freestyle battle vs. Juice) 

09. The Live Show 

10. Supernatural And A-Butta 

11. Cosmic Slop 

12. Suckaz (featuring Vinnie Paz) 

13. Flashbacks 

14. Victory (featuring Wildchild) (The Oh No Remix) (Bonus Track)